Sketch The Photos was founded in year 2012, which specializes in Digital Portrait Painting, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, Digital Oil Painting in WorldWide. We have more than 1500 happy customers with us who ordered from World Wide and very much satisfied with our work and services. We have an array of classy and sophisticated personalised Sketching which can easily steal your heart. If you want to make your loved ones happy and also you are confuse about what to gift them..., SketchThePhotos are always keen to take special care to cater to all your confusion. You can go through sketching which are very reasonable in prices and can make your relation more stronger, Portrait a memory for your loved ones.

SketchThePhotos was found to bring a new standard of quality and services for Digital Portrait Painting, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, Digital Oil Painting. From the inception, we have established ourselves in such a way where we can offer the best pricing, integrated dealing, finer quality and service. We are a fast growing and well proficient as well as expert in Sketching across World Wide. The tools , canvas and colours used are totally Hassle-Free and Eco-Friendly with a proven track record of delivering the best solutions to our customers and have a penchant for consistently updating our services matching with advancing era.If you are looking for that unparalleled customizing experience and seeking exclusivity then, Bulls eye! You have just hit on the right spot.

Mission And Vision

Our mission statement is to get and keep our customers. SketchThePhotos guarantees your satisfaction. We pledge to always be open and fair in our dealings with our customers. We will focus on our customer's needs and earn their respect by building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and total customer satisfaction. We will be competitive in our pricing, policies and never forgetting that the customer is our lifeblood.And because We are Professional Sketchers, you can be sure of a job done right the first time. We feel that through good communication with our clients, our projects will be completed on schedule, on budget and with no surprises. Our vision statements are leadership with trust, confidentiality, highly secure services, and strong bond with clients’.

WHO WE ARE we are the artist!

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" -PABLO -PABLO PICASSO.

Gift giving is something for which can make your surprise him or her like never before . It must come from the heart. When you give gifts, you are giving something willingly without wanting something in return. Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more. It tells the receiver that you were thinking about them.

A Family Owned Company

Artist Abhay Prakash

Hi I am ABHAY PRAKASH and I am a passionate art lover, art form of any sort whether it be visual or performing are very much inspiring and engaging to me .Since childhood I had a deep inclination towards drawing and painting and also SPORTS. I dreamt of becoming an artist especially a portrait artist and started my website sketch the photos .I have also represented state level ,district level and national level too in sketching and painting .

Sujata Sargam

HI I AM SUJATA SARGAM AND I AM A PASSIONATE ART LOVER .My Passion for Art Since childhood my passion for art and creativity developed and intensified with every brush stroke. As a child I was surrounded by relatives and friends with a keen talent for graphics and the visual arts. This stimulated my fantasy and imagination.Sujata Sargam is a playback singer, anchor, host, dubbing artist .

DR Abha Prakash

Picture People often say that art makes us more human. Looking at the world refracted through art we can learn to extend our sympathies. We begin to see what the world might look like through another person’s eyes. In doing so we start to cultivate compassion, surely one of the key virtues in medicine. By exercising compassion doctors see not just a symptom but someone suffering. Clinical objectivity joins hands with empathy, and the conditions for healing are maximized. ​To Continue my Art work we started our home business of sketching and painting with a motive of unique gifting solution .

Artist Aditya Prakash

""I began to understand that a medium I had overlooked from childhood could do so much more than just sketch and produce a wondrous array of colors and tones. "


*Got Opportunity to make sketch of Chief Executive Officer & Director - ‎Adani Logistics Limited

​*Exhibited at national level and state level

*Got opportunity to make sketch and painting of gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Humanitarian, Spiritual Leader

*And many more opportunity yet to come